Electrical Job for Industrial Water Softener



I did a water softener job at the NS Central Surrey job location. The scope of work on this project was originally just to supply a couple of 120 volt, 15 amp ccts. But, it changed when the new water softeners were placed too close to the existing electrical equipment.

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Hiring An Electrical Contractor For Residential Electrical Rewiring

Electrical contractorThe process of replacing electrical wiring in a house is called ‘electrical rewiring’. The said process is done by an electrical contractor.

Homeowners have their homes rewired for safety purposes to prevent danger caused by faulty wiring. When left unnoticed, faulty wiring will cause fire and other structural damage, especially to older properties. Getting your property rewired by a licensed electrical contractor who follows the latest technology and standards, offers peace of mind knowing that your electrical needs are properly addressed.

Electrical rewiring includes tasks such as providing additional electrical outlets for convenience, getting your features like electrical shock and fire protection through breaker panels and other modern safety devices. And each of these processes should only be done by a professional electrical contractor.

There are several reasons why you need an electrical contractor to do a rewiring in your home. Electrical rewiring is re-evaluated after about 30 years or sooner. If your home fails an electrical inspection, say for insurance requirements.

Tripping breakers, buzzing noises, overheating of electrical sockets and such require rewiring. Furthermore, you need an electrical contractor when your appliances at home are already flickering, constantly turning on and off, or not functioning in some areas of your home. Outdated and rubber-coated wiring should also be replaced by an electrical contractor.

Your home, even with a fine-looking facade and interior, still needs a whole-house rewiring process for your own safety, and for you to meet the local building code.

Many people may have different questions on how much an electrical rewiring cost. For instance, the cost of hiring a licensed electrical contractor, the electrical permit in order to do the said rewiring, cost of a new electrical panel if you need to install one, and the cost of materials to rewire a house.

Rewiring a house is indeed time-consuming. That’s why you need to hire a licensed electrical contractor with years of experience in residential electrical requirements. Make sure that the electrician you hire is properly insured & has WCB. Rewiring a home requires a financial investment, so be sure to hire the best person to do the whole process that is worthy of your investment.

A local electrical contractor is already familiar with the permitting processes in your area. An experienced, licensed electrical contractor knows when there is a need to get a permit, and what specific permits are needed. The cost of the said permit is the same whether you, the homeowner, or the electrician obtains it, yet a local electrician has more knowledge on what specific permits are necessary in your area.

Trouble-Shooting Call

Electrician Vancouver ~ I got a trouble-shooting call last week, from a regular customer. I was told that one bank of high bay lights was not working.

When I went to the site the next day, I went to the breaker panel first to test for power, and then to a couple of rows of switches. After removing the covers to get at the switches, this is what I found…



The switch was shot. After replacing the switch I tested for amount of current draw on the switch, and found it to be within the switch rating. It is a 120 – 277 volt, 20 amp switch. The amount of current being drawn was 13.5 amps.

I closed everything back up, and the lights are now working OK again. This took about an hour to find and fix the problem, along with going to pick up the part.

Industrial Electrical Project

Industrial Electrical Contractor ~ A NEMA 4 enclosure is being installed at this industrial location in Surrey. It will house a REMOTE INPUT / OUTPUT ( RIO ), or known as a Programmable logic controller ( PLC ).

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Residential Electrical Project

Vancouver Electrician ~ A completely gutted interior and exterior with just the shell and foundation to go foreward on.

This residential home had to be totally gutted. So, windows, doors, roof, etc, all had to go, or be redone. Existing breaker panels had to be relocated, a new sub panel installed and all new branch circuit wiring done.

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