Richmond Manufacturer

Job Location: Richmond
Job Type: Manufacturing
Job consisted of:

1. Checking to see if we could get enough power to run the customer’s manufacturing equipment.

2. Getting the Owner of the building to run a 100 amp at 600 volt 3 phase power to the unit being rented.

3. We installed a 100 amp 3 phase fusible disconnect switch for running a 75 KVA Transformer.

4. The transformer that we installed was a 600 volt – 139 / 240 volt, 3 phase. We went with this transformer so we could get the full 240 volt 3 phase to run all of the equipment at the full and correct voltage. We did not want to run at the 120 / 208 volt which is much more readily available but much harder on the equipment.

5. In doing this set up we did not need the neutral on the system as the voltage would be to high. So on the secondary we didn’t run the 4th conductor for the neutral, we did do our grounding and bonding as that is still all needed.

6. There was also a 15 KVA transformer on site already to pick up the small lighting, outlet load for the 120 / 208 volt.

7. We choose a height of 10 feet to run all our teck cables to the various pieces of machinery. As you can see in the slide-show below, we dropped each cable off with as few cross-overs as possible. So, in the end, we didn’t have any cross-overs at either end of the cabling, which helps with the esthetics of the job.

8. We ran the branch ccts from the distribution panel to each piece of equipment, and installed an isolating disconnect switch, if the equipment did not have one.

9. We moved the existing BX cables up above the teck cables, as these runs were installed with very poor workmanship. We also had to add in a JB above the existing small breaker panel, as the lighting circuits were using the breaker panel as a junction box. Switches were nippled into the breaker panel and then going out of the breaker panel to the over head lights. We ran a 2-wire to the front of the shop, and installed a single switch to turn on a small lighting contactor.

10. Overall, the job turned out very nice. Tested the equipment with the true 240 volt 3 phase power, and the customer was very happy. He said he tell the difference in how his equipment was running.