NS Central Surrey 2

Electrical Installation for Industrial Water Softener

Meggar Electrical was called to do an electrical installation for a water softener at the NS Central Surrey job location. The scope of work on this project was originally just to supply a couple of 120 volt, 15 amp ccts. But, it changed when the new water softeners were placed too close to the existing electrical equipment. This now meant that the inspector would require the 1-meter clearance in front of the equipment.

So, rather than wait for a rejection on this electrical installation, as it is one of four that will be inspected at the site in the next month, we got the go ahead to move the existing equipment over, so we have the clearances that we need.

Here are some photos taken at this electrical installation:

The equipment was the welding disconnect switch along with a small frequency drive that is in the enclosed cabinet on the top middle along with both line and load reactors for the drive. We ran new teck cable to avoid any additional splices as it was an easy couple of runs to do from the source disconnect & motor.

Lastly we had a JB for 120 volt power that picked up the new water softeners, the frequency drive trip & push to test light on the drive cabinet, then there is a sensor that picks up any water on the floor and sends an alarm to the alarm company when the plant is armed. This is so personnel can be called to come in and check out why there would be water on the floor. (EG: burst pipe, pumps stopped, etc).

Thanks for visiting this page, and letting us share the details of this electrical installation.